We Might Be Geeks[WMBG] – is a guild we established based on a project we occasionally work on.  We are Parents and people with lives outside of the game.  We don’t live and breathe Guild Wars, but we do love it.  Our goal is to build up enough members to give everyone a pool of people to group up with at all times of the day.  We are not hardcore players.  In fact we are probably as casual as they come.  We are not going to criticize your character builds or tell you how you should play the game.

If you are looking for a strong guild to dominate in pvp or WvW, then maybe we aren’t for you.  That isn’t our goal.  Not saying we aren’t looking to venture into pvp or WvW, but we are NOT a competitive guild.

You can fill out a guild application

or contact me directly in game via mail [Ravencorpus.5698]


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